Milla Tenorio is Cafe de la Danse founder and one of the best Belly dancers in the Middle East. She's been teaching and performing over the last 10 years. Her classes are known for their high level technique as well as her fun and warm teaching approach!

Since 2003 she's been travelling around the world sharing her art of dancing in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America, peforming at the most famous five star Hotels as well as teaching in more than 10 different countries! Milla is currently teaching Belly Dance, Burlesque, Pole Dance, Booty Barre and Aerial Hoop.  Make sure to try her highly energetic classes!

Melisa Luz, she was born and raised in Argentina where she performed the best of her carrier events. Melisa has a large experience with kids classes, kids parties and kids Theater Productions. Come and join her classes: Drama Musical, Circus Kids, Latin Fitness and Samba classes



Ana Paula is our Argentinian Pole Dance teacher. She was only 16 when she started doing Pole, and because of her amazing skills, she's been present to different Pole Dancing competitions all over Argentina. Aside from being a Pole Dancer, she also does Acrobatic performances. Meet Ana Paula and try all her classes such as: Pole Dance, Twerk, Flexi-Polebility, Aerial Silk, Aerial Hoop and Burlesque. 


Karina is an amazing Afro-Ragga and Hip Hop dancer from Russia. She has a unique style and brought to Dubai a new concept in Ragga Dance Hall adding a new touch to the dance community. Her classes are popular among teens and break dancers.



Fernando is our charismatic Capoeira Kids teacher, he is Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro and has many years experience with kids classes. His classes are fun and kids loves him, but as well as organized enough to get them disciplined! Capoeira is a beautiful way to teach your kids different skills, it's a Martial Art that involves self-defense, dance, music and rhythm. Bring your little one to try our fun classes!



Rouby is a Brazilian Belly Dancer who have been working in the Middle Least for the last 5 years. She performed in the best 5 star hotels in the region as well as teaching belly dance for the entusiasts!!!