Pole Dance  is a hard core workout for strength and flexibility where you learn amazing dance routines and tricks that shape your body  in no time! Try our pole dance classes along with our pole related classes like: Exotic Pole, Burlesque, Pole Burlesque,Flexipolebility and Poleography!


POLE TRICKS: It's a complete pole dance class where you will get a chance to try many acrobatic moves, increase your strengh and get powerfully stronger!


POLEOGRAPHY: In this class we will try many dance moves along with the Pole, it will give you more conscious about your own body moves and increase your dance skills.


FLEXIPOLEBILITY: A very important class to take your Pole Dance to another level. Being flexible will help you to do amazing tricks in the Pole.


EXOTIC POLE: Sexy, powerfull and beautiful way to get your pole dance much more elegant! High heels is strictly require for this class, if you don't have yours yet please check out our shop and get your shoes ASAP!


PS-1: Dress code for your pole dance class is SHORTS and TANK TOPS!

PS-2: Don't apply any kind of body cream or oil if you planning to come for a pole dance class.