UAE Oriental Show

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Arabian Night Show

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Black Swan Show

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The Great Gatsby Show

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Contemporary Dance Show

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Cabaret Show

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Samba Show

Get ready to be part of the Carnivale experience with our show stopping Samba show. Inspired straight from the heart of Brazil, our Latino dancers will light up the stage with their mesmerizing costumes and vibrant dance performances.

Latin Female Show

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Charlestone Show

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Burlesque Show

Sizzling and sensual routines combined with catchy music tunes, will add a new element of sass to your event.

Mix Show

Oriental Belly Show

LED Show

Tribal Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Showcasing the best belly dancing talent from around the world, we offer a variation of Oriental dance performances that will make your event something to remember.

Flamenco Show

This show will light the fire in your guests. With its blend of talented dancers and live guitar player, get ready to experience one of the most expressive dance shows in our program.

Hawaiian Show

From authentic costumes to eccentric performance sets, embark on this island adventure showcasing some of the most exciting entertainment experiences.


Bringing to life on stage the soul of dance with the Hip Hop show.  Straight from the streets of the Bronx, watch our performers dance to the latest RnB tunes, showcasing the hippest dance moves in the coolest outfits.

Ballet Samba

A unique fusion of ballet classic and brazilian samba. A show for the whole family to enjoy, full of color and happiness!

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